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I am mighty kicked about this particular issue of Chatterpillar. As you read the 8 entrepreneurial journeys in this edition, you’ll understand why!

It’s never easy to leave a comfortable, high-paying corporate job to become an entrepreneur. Much less to become an entrepreneur whose primary goal is to do something good for society and touch people’s lives. There are many factors…
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Sochna Mana Hai

My tryst with photography started at 14, when the others at my age were busy with cricket. My love for the lens never faded and it pushed me to travel many continents to capture the world as I see it…
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Keen Eye

I was the Central Control Engineer for Toyota’s only India plant in Bangalore. I gave it up and started living my life as an artist. Self-taught, started from scratch and now I have worked with most of India’s leading art…
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Since childhood, I was an “outstanding student” in school. I was standing outside class perpetually because I asked my teachers too many questions.

From when I can remember, I had one big issue. I believe I have some problem in my spine. It just refuses to bend. I couldn’t…
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Entrepreneurs of the Month

Less than an hour’s drive from Bangalore’s international airport is a 31-acre parcel of land on which papaya and pomegranate will be cultivated. What is more interesting is that city dwellers can own a piece of this land near the village of Gorantla in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh…
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This is the first time I’m writing about myself and about a phase in my life where I have seen myself transform from an aimless teenager to a philanthropically active person whose priorities have changed over the last 2 decades. As an average teenager, the goal was to get through class 10 and 12 and get into a college. Coming…
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Finger Food

As a student, starting a venture was always burning inside my heart. I started working in Dell not knowing what to do, but that’s when I saw a lot of people throwing away or just dumping their high-end gadgets just because…
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Bean Counter

I have memories of my childhood from age 3 and as far I can remember I have been an animal lover. It was like I was born that way. I preferred being in kennels with dogs than playing with my sisters or friends!

My first dog, Snoopy…
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Dil Se with Rohan

1. You quit a comfortable, cushiony corporate job, after 10 years to take the plunge! What prompted that move?

Frankly, I was bored of working in a ‘regular’ job and I felt absolutely no sense of achievement or helping anyone else achieve anything. This made me rethink my strategy. I thought about many options but I never left…
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